Designer: Poul Henningsen, 1937

PH Bow Grand Piano

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The PH Bow Grand Piano eschews the ‘traditional’ piano design that simply boxes the soundboard, action and strings of the piano inside a harshly angled wooden case. Poul Henningsen’s design for this wooden piano case is visually softer, constructed around a lid of four organic flowing ‘waves’ of timber. The form of the PH Bow Grand Piano is one of gentle curves and subtle geometry. This fluidity of design creates a sense of intimacy with the piano itself: intimidating sharp lines are broken, creating an instrument that is inviting to touch, to play, to listen to. The PH Bow Grand Piano is sized to fit comfortably in many home environments as well as public spaces and performance venues. Presented in a combination of pale and dark veneer, the PH Bow Grand Piano enhances many diverse interior environments whether they are traditional, mid-century or contemporary in style.

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